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"Little things done simply makes all the difference..."

We've all been using the internet for an age. But Ben's been paying attention.

Working as part of ANZ's Internet Banking pilot team in the late 90's provided the stimulus for what would take place over the next years of his [digital] life.

Web and graphic design, content management, Wordpress development followed, and now, with help from a selected creative collective, Ben is able to offer his services to businesses keen to push their online presence further.

Design, implementation, management and strategy, helping your business grow their online presence is our goal.

Contact Ben to discuss how your business can benefit from our services and expertise.

Shotbro Design is the brainchild of Ben Bell.

While web design and content management are his specialities, making coffee comes a close second.


We want to make your online presence undeniable. And we know how to do it.

It should be a relatively simple thing. You have a great business, product or service and you want the world to know all about it.

An online presence can provide that for you. Or not.

Web design without clear strategy can be like hitting golf balls into the ocean. You're putting them out there, but whats the result? One. Little. Splash.

We'll look at how we can get your business to make a lasting impression.

Web Design Simple solutions for simple problems, and considered options for bigger projects. We help you uncover what will help your business, and how an online presence can help you!   Our cheapest websites start from $899.

Graphic Design We love working out ways to visually communicate! Contact us for creative solutions when you require creative resources. 

SEO, Email Marketing Small businesses don't always know how to get their products in front of their customers. Let us help!


Some of our work so far...the best is yet to come


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